Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Car Stereo Subwoofers

The subwoofers, also known as loud speakers, are the evolution in woofers. The compact subwoofers are designed to cover all the mid and low range frequencies that someone will hear in the music that they play. These are also the foundation for any quality sound systems that want to have good speakers.
Car stereo subwoofers that are combined in a car audio system can be quite diverse. They can range from smaller speakers that are mounted into the doors, to the huge packages that are found in many street racers that sport the custom approach. The customization that many fancy tailored cars present is a dream for some, yet is one that can easily exceed what the person may have spent on a car in the recent past. This is where the more practical approach is considered by those that want to have the raw power, but still have some funds left in their wallet when it is all said and done.
Traditionally the car stereo subwoofers were circular in shape, but with the growing demand in customization they have come out in a number of shapes. Many of these subwoofers are also designed to be specially shielded to ensure in no distortion or improper grounding that can happen in some locations that the subwoofers can be placed. This has also opened even more doors in not just the design of the subwoofers, but also their implementation.
The huge advances in subwoofers and the technology that has made them what they are today has made it where they are more specialized than the older dynamic speakers of old. This alone with the non-circular design has made it where a car audio system can have a more surround atmosphere. This can not only make the music sound better, but also utilize the overall strengths of the amplifier and the stereo in the car as well.
Many of the current subwoofers that are in the market have been fashioned for volume considerations. This has been a challenge for those that like the music loud and also the crisp clarity that can be heard at normal volumes. The main reason for this is to ensure the life of the speakers as the higher output in volumes also puts more of a beating on the subwoofers themselves. Some of the more expensive subwoofers are made to be able to resolve this issue. The expensive subwoofers have special reinforcement in the speakers themselves or used components that are meant for the abuse that many other speakers will not use due to the added expense.
For sound quality, a person must also consider the mountings. As the subwoofers are now more diverse, they also require more attention in how they are configured. This alone can have an impact in performance and quality of the music that is heard. The life of the subwoofers can also play a role in how they are mounted as well.
So many things that a person has to consider when they are obtaining and setting up the subwoofers for an audio system. The system has effectively evolved into the entertainment system away from home.
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