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Eastern Railway : Retiring Rooms and Dormitories

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Eastern Railway : Retiring Rooms and Dormitories

Retiring Rooms And Dormitories :

AC and Non AC retiring rooms and dormitories are provided at several important stations over Eastern Railway, which can be booked on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis on payment of prescribed charges. Only valid ticket holders for an onward /inward journey are eligible to apply for the use of retiring rooms and dormitory beds.

Application Procedure :- Application is to be made to the Station Master/In-charge of the Retiring Room/Dormitories. You should require to present your journey ticket along with application.

Availability Of Retiring Rooms and Dormitories :- The vacancy positions are generally notufied on a notice board otherwise it may be assertained from the Station Manager/In-Charge of Retiring Room.

Please Note:

a) The maximum number of days allowed for stay is 2 days only.

b) The charges will be collected for the full dey irrespective of period of stay.

c) In case the Retiring Room is occupied for more than one day, the charges for the subsequent daty will be 25% more for each day.

d) While vacating the room, please inform the Incharge and hand over the keys.

e) Donot cause any inconvinience to other occupants of Retiring Rooms and Dormitories.

f) If any loss/damage to Railway property is noyiced during your occupation before vacating, you will be asked to compensate the loss/damage before vacating the room.

Details of the Retiring Rooms and Dormitories available at different stations may be seen in the table below.

S NO. Stations AC Retiring Rooms Non AC Retiring Rooms Dormitory
No. Of Rooms Charges Per Bed No. Of Rooms Charges Per Bed No. of Beds Charges per Bed
1. Asansol 3(2 Bedded) 300.00 2(2 Bedded) 150.00 8 50.00
2. Baidyanath Dham NA NA 3(2 Bedded) 100.00 NA NA
3. Barddhaman NA NA 1(2 Bedded) 200.00 8 50.00
4. Beharampur Court NA NA NA NA 4 16.00
5. Belur NA NA 1(2 Beddded) 300.00 8 75.00
6. Bhagalpur 1(Bedded) 300.00 4(2 Beddded) 150.00 5 50.00
7. Bolpur 1(2 Beddded) 400.00 2(2 Beddded) 200.00 10 50.00
8. Chittranjan NA NA 2(2 Bedded) 100.00 6 30.00
9. Diamond Harbour NA NA 4 Bed 52.00 NA NA
10. Durgapur 2(2 Beddded) 300.00 4(2 Beddded) 150.00 NA NA
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