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East Coast Railway : Circular Journey Tickets

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East Coast Railway : Circular Journey Tickets

Standard Circular Journey Tickets are issued for all journeys which begin and complete at the same station:

Salient features:


This facility is suitable for passengers travelling individually or in groups: especially for passengers travelling on a pilgrimage or a sightseeing tour.

Available for all classes of travel in Mail/Express fares only

Issued according your own itinerary - these tickets give you unique travel flexbilitty allowing you the benefits of telescopic fares, which are lower than point to point fares.

Fare levied as per your itinerary - allowing you the benefit of telescopic fares, which are lower than point to point fares.

Circular journey tickets also save you time and the inconvenience of purchasing tickets at each leg of the journey. Only a maximum of eight break of journeys will be admissible on this tickets.

Issue of Standard Circular journey Tickets : Standard Journey tickets connecting popular destination/stations. These tickets are issued from the following booking stations of ECoast Rly


Chief Commercial Manager(PS) East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar


You may contact the Booking and reservation supervisor at the stations concerned as well as the Chief Commercial Manager (PS), East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar,for further details.

Issue of Non - Standard Circular journey Tickets

Apart from standard circular journey tickets, East Coast Rly also issues non standard circular journey tickets for journeys commencing and terminating at stations under its jurisdiction. Application for non - standard circular journey tickets can be send to any of the following:


Chief Commercial Manager (PS), East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar

Divisional Railways Manager (Comm.) at khurda Road,Waltair and Sambalpur

Gazetted Station Manager at Bhubaneshwar, Vishaka- patnam, Bhadrak, Sambalpur, Titlagarh, Puri, Srikakulam Road, Jaipur- Keonjhar Road.

You are requested to obtain the authority letter on the application from the above officers/stations in respect of non standard circular journeys tours and present the same at the booking office for exchange of the journey on payment of requisite fare and other charges.

The distance restriction for booking of passengers by selected trains over this railway will be applicable to the holders of standard and non standard circular journey tickets.

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