Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interesting Golf Jobs in an Industry That Has Unlimited Possibilities

The potential for golf jobs continues to increase as the golf industry has become such a popular place to begin a career. Some of the golf jobs can be obtained with a good education in the business of golf and some are available with an experience requirement of simply playing the game in your spare time.
When most people think of golf jobs, they usually only think of golf professionals or golf shop attendants and caddies, while there are several different types and an unlimited amount of golf jobs that are available in the golf industry today.
A common misconception concerning golf jobs is that you have to be an excellent golfer to land a job in the golf industry. This is not exactly true, as there are many golf jobs that do not require you to even play golf, as long as you know the business of golf. When you have experience or training in other areas relating to the business of golf, there are endless possibilities in the golf industry and golf jobs.
One of the best and most interesting golf jobs to obtain is the job of starter, as it is an important, high-profile position at the golf course and pays very well also. This job has many advantages and benefits, even though there are many responsibilities that are required of the person in this job.
The most important and core duty of the starter is to maintain control of the tee times of all golfers and ensure that the players start at the correct time which they are scheduled. If there are any discrepancies in tee times, it will interfere with other golf players and put them behind on their starting times, as well.
Another task of the starter is enforcing the rules and policies of the golf facility. For example, the starter has to make certain there are no carts allowed on the paths, only four players to a game and that no beverages or coolers are brought onto the grounds. Enforcement of these rules will necessitate a tactful and firm approach.
The starter also has the responsibility of making sure that there is a steady pace of play on the entire golf course, which means he will need to travel around to each hole offering help, if needed. For medical or emergency aid, the starter will notify the first aid station by two-way radio while remaining calm and attending to the injured person until they arrive.
Good interpersonal skills are necessary for the job of starter and the starter also needs to have common sense and tact in completing most of the tasks that are required of him. The starter must be able to manage time and have excellent organizational skills, as well as be friendly and courteous.
While most people only think of a "golf pro", when they think of golf jobs, there are several different types of golf jobs that are available in the golf industry today. Some of these jobs would include golf course management, grounds maintenance, marketing and promotions, golf caddie, starter and concessions clerk.
Golfing is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon of relaxation on a weekend or day off work. This is especially true if you enjoy the sport and have extra time to spend on the course. Imagine though, if you had a golf job, you could spend every day at the golf course.

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